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Our Activities


It's important to us that our Residents feel happy and fulfilled - so we organise a range of activities for you to take part in if you want. And as you know better than anyone how you like to spend your time, all activities in our care homes are inspired by you. Whether you want to continue pursuing a lifelong interest or discover new ones, our staff will support and encourage you.


All our care homes employ an activities co-ordinator who arranges a varied and extensive calendar of events and entertainment. We aim to provide a wide range of organised and informal activities for all abilities and interests. Residents are encouraged to continue existing interests and activities and take up new ones.


We also provide opportunities for Residents to have a peaceful quiet environment to socialise as they wish. We have a selection of lounges and patio areas and visitors are always welcome to spend quality time with their loved ones and to enjoy the activity programme.


Stay Active

As we get older, our brain can feel slower and our muscles become weaker. We tend to feel more aches and pains, and we may become more prone to falls and injuries. While this can make you feel less keen to exercise, it's important to keep your mind and body active to maintain your health and independence for as long as possible.


Studies show that if you stay physically and mentally active, you can help to slow many aspects of the ageing process. You can also improve your quality of life and maybe even make new friends.


Even a little gentle, regular exercise can improve your muscle strength and tone, helping to prevent an accident or a fall that could lead to an injury. It can also help with flexibility, mobility, speed and stamina, memory and reasoning skills, as well as a general sense of wellbeing


Home Activities

We want life in our homes to be as active and engaging as you want it to be. You’ll find that we never take a ‘one size fits all’ approach to activities. Groups, special events and trips out are also tailor-made to you. You can join in when you choose and so can your family and friends.


If you’re a passionate hobbyist, there’s no need to drop that interest. Our groups range from exercise to gardening and knitting to singing. They're a wonderful way to bring together Residents with shared interests, helping them to make new friends while doing something they enjoy. Care home staff join in with activities and support Residents of all abilities and mobility to take part in the fun.


Here to Help

From day one, our activity co-ordinators and carers spend time getting to know the things you like to do. They’ll help you keep up with the things you love. And if you fancy trying something new, they’ll help with that too.


Whatever you enjoying doing, be it a chat over coffee, potting in the garden, enjoying a book from the library, listening to music, or just collecting the daily newspaper or helping with the laundry, we’re here to help you do it.

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