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Social Contact

Keeping in Touch

Visits are special times for our Residents, and we encourage family and friends to keep in regular contact and visit as often as they want. We also welcome your involvement in your loved one’s care – keeping you up to date on their health and wellbeing and on any changes to their care.


You can keep in touch with your loved one as often as you wish, by visiting, telephoning or by email. Our Residents have telephone points in their room, so if they bring their own phone you can call them directly. If they don’t have their own phone, we have a dedicated Residents’ phone line which they can use to make calls, or on which you can call. If you prefer, you can email us and we can print out and pass on your message, or read it out to your loved one for you.



Visits are a wonderful opportunity for our Residents to spend quality time with the important people in their lives. You’re welcome to visit our care homes around the clock (although we suggest you visit between 9.00am and 9.00pm). Try to plan your visits around your loved one’s daily routine so that you both get the most out of them. It’s a good idea to avoid times when your loved one likes to rest or sleep, when they will be eating, and when they’re receiving specific therapies or treatment.


If you can, choose a time of day when you know they’ll be awake and feeling their best. If they enjoy a particular activity, we’d be delighted for you to come in and take part in it with them. You’re also welcome to join them for a meal for a small cost. Speak to your care home in advance to arrange the best time.


Be Informed

As their next of kin, we’ll keep you fully up to date on the health and wellbeing of your loved one, and let you know if any changes to their care are needed. You can also ask to speak to their main carer or the manager at any time.


Support From Other Residents

By spending time in your loved one’s home, you have the opportunity to meet other relatives and share your experiences of having a loved one living in care. Many families find this a great source of support.

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