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Our Staff


"Our staff are the foundation of the organisation - their enthusiasm, innovation and commitment enable us to achieve and maintain our high standards of quality care"

All of our care homes are run by qualified managers and have teams of skilled and experienced staff dedicated to providing the very highest standards of care. Our staff are committed to caring for each Resident’s unique needs and preferences. They aim to provide a happy, relaxed yet stimulating environment where Residents will enjoy living in comfort and security.


At SCL Care Ltd all employees undergo a tailored and continuous training program with the basic premise that it is the individual responsibility of each employee to deliver meaningful care to our Residents. Our focus on training and developing our people, leads to a continuity of staff which ensures that our teams are knowledgeable, skilled and familiar with the home and, more importantly, our Residents. Our teams receive continuous support from the care managers and have access to a wealth of training and development opportunities. We are proud of our staff and always recognise the efforts that our team make and the impact they have upon the lives of our Residents and their families.


Our homes comprise of the following:



Our care home managers are responsible for the leadership and management of the entire care home. This entails leading their teams of care and support staff to ensure the facility operates effectively and of course we deliver the best quality care. Our care home managers are critical to ensuring that we continue to be a leader in the delivery of quality care.


You will meet the manager when you look around a care home for the first time. From day one, they’ll welcome you and your family, and make you feel at home. Our managers make sure that all staff get to know you, understand and plan your care needs and get to know more about you as a person. They will always be there for you – to listen to any concerns and to meet your changing needs.



Carers are the most important people to our Residents and their contribution has a large impact on their quality of life. Care assistants are there to attend to your personal care needs. They’ll get to know the way you like to do things, from your early morning cup of coffee or tea to your daily time spent in the garden. Working as a team with all care home staff, they keep your personal care plan up to date. This way all staff understand your care needs and preferences.


We ensure that we only recruit staff that naturally show warmth and support to our Residents and their families; being a friend and companion is as important as providing the daily care that they need. Care assistants come from all walks of life but they have one thing in common: a genuine passion in caring for you, in a way that gives you the dignity, respect and enjoyment you deserve. We give them ongoing training to continually develop their skills. In turn, they give you the best quality care.



Our catering team help us to create a diverse and balanced menu which ensures we meet the varying nutritional needs and preferences of our Residents. Because mealtimes are such an important part of the day it is also vital that we create an enjoyable atmosphere with a menu that is enticing and well presented; consistent high standards of food hygiene and quality ingredients help to deliver this quality of service.



At SCL Care Ltd we strongly believe in engaging our Residents in events and activities that not only keep the mind and body active but also appeal to each individual in our care. Each home has an activities leader who gets to know our Residents and build into their care plan, group and individual activities that reflect their interests.



We pride ourselves on the consistent high standards within our care homes, and it is the commitment and dedication of the housekeeping teams that helps to ensure that this is the case. Comfort and cleanliness is top of the agenda, creating a sensitive balance between clinical hygiene and a comfortable, homely environment. Our housekeeping staff will keep your home clean and tidy, and the way you like it.

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